Who Plays Online Bingo

With the recent publicity surrounding online gaming it's not surprising that online bingo has more than doubled in the last few years. This of course raises the question of ‘who plays online bingo?’

We did some research and found the results quite interesting, to say the least. The stereotypical bingo player seems to be a thing of the past with a wide range of age groups playing online bingo. The biggest measurable age group was between 18 and 40 with only 1 in 5 players being male; women defiantly dominate the online bingo world.

There was a significant number of over 40s playing online too, which shows just how influential the Internet has become across all age groups in the entertainment industry. With the advent of high speed Internet access this has also contributed to the usability of online bingo sites and makes the game more accessible to a wider audience.

Many players use online bingo as their primary entertainment avenue, preferring to sit down for the evening and chat with friends while playing bingo in the comfort of their own homes rather than watching TV, going to the cinema or even a land based bingo hall.

Many online bingo players enjoyed the convenience of being able to play 24 hours, 7 days a week regardless of weather conditions or their location and were able to fit their bingo playing into times that suited their busy lives.

For the less experienced bingo player and/or Internet user, many sites such as vicsbingo offer help to set you up by walking you through the entire process and teaching you how to use the software. While this takes a little effort the long term enjoyment that is available is truly worthwhile.

Bingo Billy Feedback

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