Online Bingo Chat Lingo

AFAIK as far as I know AFK away from keyboard
AFK2P away from keyboard to pee AKA also known as
ASAP as soon as possible BBIAB be back in a bit
BBIAM be back in a minute BBL be back later
BBS be back soon BDT bout darn time
BF boyfriend BLNT better luck next time
BRB be right back BTW by the way
CYA see ya CYAL8R see ya later
FWIW for what it's worth GF girlfriend
GG good going GL good luck
GLA good luck all GLE good luck everyone
21 Key of the Door 22 Two Little Ducks
GM good morning GN good night
HB hurry back IMHO in my humble (honest) opinion
IRL in real life JK just kidding
JMO just my opinion L8R later
L8R G8R later gator LMAO laughing my a$$ off
LTNS long time no see LY love ya
NETUA nobody ever tells us anything NP no problem
OIC oh I see OMG oh my goodness (gawd)
PM private message POOF I have left the chat room
PPL people QT cutie
ROFL rolling on floor laughing ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
SAC sorry all close SO significant other
SS so sorry SWL squealing with laughter
SYS see you soon TTFN ta ta for now
TTYL talk to you later TX thanks
TY thank you TYVM thank you very much
WB welcome back WTG way to go
WTH what or who the heck YBS you'll be sorry
YVW you're very welcome (((((((name)))))) big hugs (hugging the name in the center)
1TG one to go 2tg two to go

Over time you will learn a whole new bingo chat vocabulary and you will see bingo chat is one of the main features of being a part of the online bingo entertainment experience.