How to play Bingo Online

The game of bingo requires you to purchase bingo cards, each card being randomly generated. Numbers are then drawn at random. At that time you mark these numbers off your bingo card. When you have marked the numbers on your card that match a certain pattern, thatís when you shout "BINGO" and win the money from the prize pool.

Bingo Cards

Bingo cards have a series of numbers on them. These numbers are displayed under a row which runs across the top of the bingo cards. This row spells out the word B I N G O and has numbers under each one. For each letter such as B there is a maximum of 15 numbers under it in a column. Each bingo card contains 5 randomly generated numbers under each letter column.

FREE indicates a wild number that is automatically selected to help you get the required pattern.

Bingo Patterns

There are literally hundreds of different patterns. These patterns make up the winning shape which translates to your bingo card and the numbers you must mark to make the same pattern. Once you have, you can call bingo.


Online bingo sites will automatically call bingo for you if you accidentally miss marking off a number or two.

There are also special jackpot games that are run in conjunction with certain patterns. One such pattern is a coverall which you are required to have all the numbers marked off your card within a certain number of calls to win the jackpot. runs hourly coveralls worth up to $1000 and a once daily jackpot coverall of $10,000.

Bingo Ball Tray

The bingo tray is used to show you what numbers have been called out. You are then able to mark these numbers off your bingo cards. In online versions, most bingo sites allow you to have an option that automatically marks your cards for you so you donít miss out on a bingo should you have the correct pattern first.

Bingo Balls

Bingo balls are used to play the game. In the online version of bingo these balls are virtual balls that are randomly drawn from a virtual bingo cage. Once they are drawn, a caller will call the ball.

Bingo Dauber

A bingo dauber is used to mark your card so you can keep track of where you're up to. Most online bingo has an auto dauber option that marks the numbers for you as the come out.

Playing Bingo Online Conclusion

While there are a few little things to remember once you get started you will find it loads of fun and far less stressful than playing offline, leaving more time to chat and make new friends. Should you have any questions about playing most online sites have chat masters that you can talk to that will help you understand just what is happening.