Online Bingo Terms

Player - A person who has signed up to an online bingo site and participates in the playing of bingo.

Register, Sign Up, Join - The process that describes the setting up of an account at the online bingo site. It that enables a player to play at the site.

Member ID, User ID - This is the player code that is generated by the system that the player has signed up at. It is unique to the player at that site.

Alias - A user friendly name for identification and chat, not to be confused with a Member ID.

Account - The general name for your details, playing history and real money available at a bingo site. When you sign up at a bingo site, and account is generated just for you.

Purchase - Is the process of buying bingo cards for a bingo game. A purchase will result in funds being deducted from a players account and you'll be given cards in the next game in return.

Deposit - The process of adding funds to your account usually via credit card, NETeller or other form of electronic money transfer.

Bingo Card, Card - Is a set of numbers that are generated from the online bingo software comprising of a total of 25 numbers drawn randomly from a possible 75 numbers.

Bingo Software - This is what controls the game functions such as calling the numbers and generating the bingo cards. The software is what makes up all the components of what you see in a virtual bingo hall.

Virtual bingo hall - Used to describe where a game of bingo is played online rather than a landed based game which is played in a physical bingo hall.

Pattern, Game Variation - This is the precise pattern that must be matched on a player's bingo card to win the bingo game and the prize.

Bingo Call, Call - Describes the voice calling out the bingo ball that has been randomly drawn out of the 75 numbers.

BINGO - The call that is made by the player who has successfully matched their pattern on their bingo card with the required Pattern/Game Variation. This means they win the prize.

Prize - The cash that is available to the winner of a given game upon having called a winning BINGO. The prize is automatically added to the players account. If more than one person calls BINGO on the same call, then the prize is split evenly.

Chat - The method of communication used to talk via your computer with other players in the virtual bingo hall. You type something into the chat area for other players to see and respond to.

Chat Manager - Employees of the online bingo site that administer the chat to keep the conversation flowing and contribute to the community. Many chat mangers will offer spot prizes and bonuses based on player participation.

Bonus - Funds added to a player’s account that have not been deposited by the player but have been earned as a result of special offers or promotions.