Bingo Chat

Bingo chat is exactly that - chatting with your friends while you're playing bingo. Similar to using MSN, AIM or Yahoo chat systems it enables you to write text into an area, press enter and it is displayed in the chat window along with your alias.

What do players chat about?

As bingo is a very social game many bingo players chat about other topics beside the games that are being played. Just about any topic at all is covered and the chat managers are there to make sure that everyone is having a great time.

Once the bingo game starts to get towards the end of the game there are many players who type in the next number they want or several numbers they need in order to call BINGO.

Once BINGO is called many players will congratulate players through the bingo chat.

There is a whole lingo that has evolved around bingo chat and if you are a first time bingo chatter you might think everyone is talking a different language. However, it doesnít take long to get the general idea of what is going on and if you donít know what something stands for it's only a matter of asking the chat manager or any of the other friendly players what it means.

Some Common Bingo Chat Lingo

WTG - Way to Go, Usually used to congratulate someone on a BINGO win.

BRB - Be Right Back, Meaning that they have to leave their computer or the bingo room and will be back to the bingo chat soon.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud

TY - Thank You

BTW - By The Way

Bingo Chat is one of the best parts of playing online bingo, you get the same feel for a community as you do in your local bingo hall! Don't worry to much about the abbrievations, they are just there to make typing a bit simpler in an online bingo chatroom, click HERE for a quick and easy online bingo chat refernce list.